Men's Ministry

Life, like football, is a team sport and you are only as successful as those teammates that you put around you.  You and your team “huddle” and come up with a game plan of how you are going to succeed; we provide opportunities for guys to “huddle” together and fellowship and talk so they can succeed at life.
When you hear the term “Men’s Ministry” the first thing you may think of is a pancake breakfast every Saturday morning at the church.  Why is that?  Is that because that is how it has been done since Adam walked on the earth?  The truth is Ministry to Men is so much more than just a weekly or monthly breakfast.  It can include event ideas such as fishing trips, chilli cook-offs, Man Camp, Promise Keeper Conferences, Promise Keeper Workshops, Grey Cup Parties, Sporting Events and many other “manly” events however, everything that your ministry to men does needs to lead back to discipleship and to them becoming leaders.  
Currently our nation and world has such a lack of authentic and real men that this ministry is a huge and integral part in having a strong church.  In December 2012 a survey was taken amongst children and it was determined that the tenth most requested present for children was a dad.  Our world needs real men, men who will lead and be there for their family. 

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