District Leadership Team

Executive Officers

District Superintendent - Paul Israelson
Assistant District Superintendent - Kevin Sawatsky
Executive Officer for Church Services - Kelly Froese
Executive Officer for Credential Care - David Hepburn
Executive Officer for District Ministries - Paul Martens

Executive Presbyters

Executive Presbyter for Church Services - Norm Proulx
Executive Presbyter for Credential Care - Gwen Hacking
Executive Presbyter for District Ministries - Matt Bombay


Member-at-Large for Church Services - Josh Singh
Member-at-Large for Credential Care - Barry Berglund
Member-at-Large for District Ministries - Yasmin Chick


Executive Officers Committee includes District Superintendent, Assistant District Superintendent, three Executive Officers
District Executive includes Executive Officers Committee and Executive Presbyters
District Leadership Team includes District Executive and Members-at-Large